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Why choose us ?

Market Leader
E-Green Focus
Globally recognised
Responsible Recycler
Dedicated & Committed


What We Do ?

E-Waste Reprocess
E-Waste Recycling
Electronic Waste Disposal
Computer Waste Recyclers
Computer Junk Management



22 years

What Is E-Waste ?

Anything Electronic...
In Home, Office & Outside:
Computers, Cables, Kettles,
Irons, Toasters, Televisions,
Laptops, Printers, etc



Going Green

Don't trash E-Waste
Become the solution
Be an E-Green volunteer
One World One Solution
Teach children E-Recycling



Responsible Recycling:

Medical / Pharmaceutical
Law & Accounting Firms
Insurance Companies
Private Households
Computer Stores
Retail Stores

Any company that has electronic items that needs to be recycled.

We recycle:

Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)
Televisions & Flat Screens
Toasters, Kettles & Irons
Hard Drives (IDE & SATA)
Telephones & Cellphones
PVC Cables (PC & Phone)
Servers & Mainframes
CRT & LCD Monitors
Laptops & Netbooks
Copiers & Printers
Desktop Computers
Keyboards & Mouse
Security Systems
Power Supplies

Tech Gadgets:

Tablet and Phablet: Asus, Apple, Huawei
Speakers, Earphone, Headphone
Surround Sound Systems
Mobile Watches
Video Camera
Voice Recorder
MP3 and MP4 Player: iPod
WiFi Router: Asus, Linksys, Netgear, Belkin, Western Digital, TP-Link, Huawei, Mecer
Network Switch: Gigabit, Cisco, Asus, Edimax, SMC, Trendnet
Gaming Console: PS1, PS2, PS3, Wii, XBox
GPS: Garmin, TomTom, Navigon, Magellan
Mobile Phones: Samsung, LG, Gobii, Nokia, Sony, Apple, Blackberry

Devices that run on electricity, battery, solar, wind or dynamo; we recycle it

We don't recycle:

Radioactive Devices
Printer Cartridges
Bio-hazardous Waste
Poison / Toxins
Glass in any form


Did you know:

For 1 ton of E-Waste prevented from going to a landfill and recycled, 1.5 tons of eCO2 is stopped from being released into the atmosphere, depending on the E-Waste mixture - Source: 2008 Review of Directive 2002/96 on WEEE by United Nations University


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Fax: 011 979-1938


c/o West Str & Elgin Rd
Pomona Ext 159, Gauteng, South Africa


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